Research Students

Current M.Sc. Students:

1. Ataur Rahman Sohag

  Tentative Thesis Title: Load Scheduling in Smart Grid


Current B.Sc. Students: TBD


Previous M.Sc. Students:

3. Colonel Mollah Md. Zubaer , M.Sc.  (BUET), July  2017

  Thesis Title: Minimization of Radiation Exposure From Mobile Phone Base Stations by Power Controlling and Coordinated Multi-point Joint Transmission

2. Manobendu Sarkar, M.Sc. (BUET), January  2017

  Thesis Title: Development of a CSMA MAC Protocol and Throughput Analysis for MU-MIMO WLAN

1. Md. Sultan Mahmud, M.Sc. (BUET), April 2014

  Thesis Title: Identification and Mitigation of Throughput Unfairness in WLANs


 Previous B.Sc. Students:

21. Shah Md. Nehal Hossain and Shahanur Rahman

Thesis Title: Load Scheduling of Compressors Under Dynamic Pricing for Reducing Electricity Cost

20. Sabyasachi Biswas and Bidya Debnath, B.Sc. (BUET), April 2019 

Thesis Title: Optimized Charging of Electric Vehicles in Smart Grid for Peak Load Shaving

19. Md. Imran Hossain, Md. Bablu Sordar and Sahiba Tasneem, B.Sc. (MIST), December 2018 

Thesis Title: Stability Analysis of Smart Grid Connected with Renewable Sources

18. Salauddin Omar Sifat, B.Sc. (BUET), October 2018 

Thesis Title: A Reliable Communication System for Smart Grid Data Transfer

17. Shadatul Haque, B.Sc. (BUET), October 2018 

Thesis Title: Detecting False Data Injection in Smart Grid

16. Shishir Ahmed, B.Sc. (BUET), October 2018 

Thesis Title: Voltage Stability of Main Grid by Power Sharing from Solar Micro Grid with Battery Storage

15. Sums Uz Zaman and Md. Asif Iqbal, B.Sc. (BUET), September 2017 

Thesis Title: Fairness Throughput Trade-off based Scheduling Algorithm for Cellular Networks

14. Muhammad Ali and Md. Mustaeen Anik, B.Sc. (BUET), September 2017 

Thesis Title: Performance Analysis of Massive MIMO System Under a New Model of Imperfect Estimation of CSI

13. Partha Protim Saha and Shuvankar Chandra Das, B.Sc. (BUET), February 2017 

Thesis Title: Generation Cost Minimization by Scheduling of Loads of a Substation Considering System Loss for Smart Grid

12. Syed Tanzim Mubarrat and Zafir Shafiee, B.Sc. (BUET), February 2017 

Thesis Title: Medium Access Control Parameter Configuration in mmWave WLANs

11. Shuvo Newaz and Moh. Sabbir Saadat, B.Sc. (BUET), March 2016  

Thesis Title: Performance Evaluation of Antenna Selection and User Scheduling in Massive MIMO for Downlink Cellular Communication under the Impact of Imperfect Channel Estimation and Antenna Correlation

10. Md. Hasan Shahriar and Md. Jawwad Sadiq, B.Sc. (BUET), March 2016  

Thesis Title: Transient Stability Analysis of Smart Grid with Impacts of Distributed Generation

9.  Abdullah-Al-Arafat, B.Sc. (BUET), March 2016  

Thesis Title: Double Layered Wireless Communication Architecture for Smart Grid in Rural Area

8. Md. Rayhan Khan, B.Sc. (BUET), March 2016  

Thesis Title: Impact of Phase Offset and Fading in Full Duplex MIMO System under Antennal Cancellation

7. Tahsin Reasat and Abir Saha, B.Sc. (BUET), 2015  

Thesis Title: Spectrum Sensing, Channel Allocation and User Scheduling in CoMP Based Cognitive Radio Networks

6. Nadira Parveen and Ali Mohammad Saleh, B.Sc. (BUET), 2015  

 Thesis Title: Optimal Scheduling in Coordinated Multipoint Cellular Networks

5. Md. Zobaarul Haque and Mirza Tahmid Islam, B.Sc. (BUET), 2014

Thesis Title: Optimal Scheduling in MU-MIMO Uplink Cellular Networks

2. Md. Asif Tanveer and Md. Moin Uddin Chowdhury, B.Sc. (BUET), 2014

Thesis Title: Performance Analysis of CSMA/CA Based MU-MIMO WLANs

4. Md. Rakib Subaid, Md. Rakibul Hasan and Syed Ziauddin Ahmed, B.Sc. (BUET), 2013

Thesis Title: Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Based WLANs with Successive Interference Cancellation

3. T. N. Munni, N. Mahbub, K. I. Nirjhor , B.Sc. (MIST), 2013

Thesis Title: Impact of co-channel Interference on the Optimal Contention Window in WLANs

2. Fariha, Biswajit and Tasmia, B.Sc. (MIST), 2013

Thesis Title: Performance of Analysis of Successive Interference Cancellation Technique in Wireless Mesh Networks

1. M. A. Parvej, S.  Chowdhury, N. I. Hia,  B.Sc. (MIST), 2012

Thesis Title: Capture effect on the optimal contention window in IEEE 802.11 based WLANs


 Notice: Several positions for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are available with cutting edge research topics in wireless communications and networking.


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